fredag 6 april 2012

Cosplay work - Millenia's shoes

Now for the next step to complete my Millenia cosplay, her shoes! <3

One of the first detail I took attention on was her shoes. I think they are lovely. I can’t really describe why I love them, but I think the design’s unique and stand out her whole design yet it fits so well. Shoes of a character in general are often not the detail that stands out the most in a character’s look and you are often more drawn to another detail (like clothes, headwear, hairdo etc.). So I was excited to make the shoes!

First I bought a pair of shoes at Tradera to start as a base and that looked most similar to Millenia’s I could find. They looked kinda worn out, so to make them look newer I used a black spary color.

Then I cut them! Since it’s made of leather and I could not fit my feet in them when they were zipped. I had to cut off the whole zipper to make it work.

Now it’s time for a change! I sewed two pieces of purple fabric for the shoes, and then fitting the fabrics by using hot glue. I was surprised how easy it was and I was very satisfied with the results.

Next, to make the upper parts of the shoes (dunno what it’s really called in English? XD or in Swedish for that matter, haha). I used foam to make them hold and look like Millenia’s in the official pics.

But before I placed the foam inside the fabric-parts, I cut them on the back. Then I sewed on the yellow margins. The last detail on the upper-parts was the shoelaces. Then it was done, soon it’s time to put them on the shoes!

I added yellow lines and margins by sewing and glued them to place. Later I sewed the upper-parts on the shoes. Wow, now we’re talking!

Millenia’s shoes also have a mark on the backside of the heels. To make them, I first made the mark in Photoshop, printed it out on paper, cut out the mark, placed the paper on each heel and the painted yellow color.

I think they turned out cool!

Almost done! The final part for the shoes was to make the red jewels or whatever you call them. Again, I had a problem to find any decent reference of them, so I made them look like the earrings I did earlier for the cosplay since I think they look very much alike. When they were finished I added them to the shoes.

Now, they are finally complete!

I must say I’m proud of them. I don’t think I could have done a better job than this. :D

I have also done her stockings. Next time, I will tell you about them! Until then, here’s a sneak peak:

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  1. Fan va duktig du é!!!!!! >:O Jag skulle aldrig kunna lägga så mycket tid på en cosplay!!
    Can´t wait to see when it´s done!!! XD And you better win some competitions...>:3

    1. Tack så mycket! :D Det är jobbigt att det går åt mycket tid till cosplayen, men det är ju roligt samtidigt så det är ok. ^^ Det här kommer troligen bli min bästa cosplay någonsin..!

  2. Skorna är så otroligt underbara! =D Love them!